Utah Weekly Forum with Rebecca Cressman

Utah Weekly Forum is a Public Affairs Program hosted each week by National and Local Award Winning Personality Rebecca Cressman. UWF is a program dedicated to raising awareness for non-profit organizations, local charities, humanitarian groups, and anybody willing to improve lives and communities across the world. Utah Weekly Forum can be downloaded and podcast every Monday!
Surviving Breast Cancer and Advocating for Your Health   (29:18) October 01, 2022
Breast cancer is the most common cancer to be diagnosed in Utah women. In this week’s edition of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3 Host Rebecca Cressman is joined by 2 other Utah breast cancer survivors; Carla Lloyd, Chair of Huntsman Cancer Insititute’s Breast and Gynecological Cancer Research Advocate Committee and Eliza Little, leader of Young Survival Coalition […]
New Pest Threatens Utah’s Ash Trees   (27:01) September 17, 2022
A small green beetle native to Asia that has destroyed millions of Ash trees across the United States and is nearing Utah borders. In this week’s episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Angel Lopez, an ISA Certified Arborist with Angel Tree Care, who explains the dangers of the Emerald Ash […]
Communicating with Your Kids is Suicide Prevention   (25:36) September 09, 2022
September is back-to-school season, yet it’s also Suicide Prevention Month. The two events create an important opportunity for parents to talk about their children’s emotions and suicide. Dr. Kristin Francis, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Huntsman Mental Health Institute, joins FM100.3 Host Rebecca Cressman to share ways we can sensitively talk about suicide with younger and […]
Utah Business Filters Unwanted Content Out of Movies and TV Shows   (23:52) September 02, 2022
About 8 out of 10 Americans watch movies and TV shows by streaming on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and AppleTV.  But, some of that entertainment has mature scenes and language that are more graphic than viewers want to see or hear. VidAngel is a company in Lehi, Utah that developed technology that gives users […]
The Piano Guys to Perform in Utah with The Tabernacle Choir   (21:35) August 26, 2022
For the first time ever, Jon Schmidt and Steve Sharp Nelson will perform on Music & the Spoken Word with the most famous choir in the world. The Piano Guys’ performance with The Tabernacle Choir on August 28th, at 9:30am is open to the public, will be live-streamed, and on-demand through The Tabernacle Choir’s website. […]
What to Know about Sexual Assaults in Utah   (25:05) August 05, 2022
Did you know that of all the violent crimes in Utah, only rape has rates higher than the national average? And, yet, only a small percentage of rape cases are prosecuted in the state. New research is revealing much more about sexual violence against women, who is at risk, and how the data shows we […]
Party in the Park Brings Books to Utah Children   (25:09) July 30, 2022
On Saturday, August 13th, the first Book it! 5K and Party in the Park will be held at Provo’s Paul Reams Wilderness Park to raise money for programs that support the love of books for kids. The carnival-styled event from 9am to 1pm promises book signings by beloved young adult authors, cosplay, music, games, Teen […]
School Health Clinics in Utah Still Open   (26:35) July 22, 2022
Though school may be out, Intermountain Healthcare’s School Clinics will stay open throughout the summer. That means families who are underserved or with low-income can get the medical care they need at clinics within Salt Lake’s Liberty Park and Rose Park Elementary schools and at Dixon Middle School in Provo. In this episode, Intermountain Community […]
Retreats Bring Healing for Breast Cancer Survivors   (25:09) July 15, 2022
 A Utah based foundation is helping women diagnosed with breast cancer find the emotional connection and social support they need after diagnosis at no-cost, luxurious retreats. Image Reborn’s Renewal Retreats give survivors a weekend to form friendships and to grieve the changes in their bodies and lives. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3 […]
Smart Technology Helps Local Schools Save Water   (24:18) July 02, 2022
This year’s drought has escalated the need for homeowners, commercial properties, and for Utah schools to conserve water in green spaces. A new program called Smart Rain Smart Kids is helping by offering school districts smart irrigation technology that cuts water usage by 30-50%. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3 Host Rebecca Cressman is […]
Helping Women Safely Survive Addiction   (24:39) June 24, 2022
A residential treatment home in Herriman,  Utah is providing hope, healing, and  specialized therapy for women recovering from addiction. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3 Host Rebecca Cressman is joined by Renew Wellness & Recovery Executive Director Verona Mauga and Admissions Coordinator Kim Patience who explain why the rehab is only for women […]
Common Sense Can Prevent Utah Wildfires   (23:59) June 04, 2022
It’s stunning to realize just how many wildfires could be prevented if people knew how easily their actions could ignite a fire that grows out of control. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3 Host Rebecca Cressman is joined by Utah Statewide Prevention & Fire Communications Coordinator Kayli Yardley who explains the latest fire […]
Mental Health Care-Why We Need It and Where to Find It   (25:19) May 13, 2022
We know we need to take care of our physical health, but the pandemic showed us it’s just as important to take care of our mental health. After all, Huntsman Mental Health Institute LCSW Jessica Holzbauer points out,  “Everything above the neck is part of our body, too.” In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, […]
Hale Center Theatre Staging the Best in Utah   (23:08) May 07, 2022
In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Hale Center Theatre Co-Founder Sally Dietlein joins FM100.3 Host Rebecca Cressman and shares the exciting theatre productions this season in Sandy, Utah. Though the pandemic shuttered shows for a short-time, the return of world-class productions and actors on stage showcased just how important the arts and theatre is […]
Adults With Autism Gather In Provo For Autcon 2022   (25:13) April 22, 2022
An unconventional convention designed for adults on the autism spectrum called Autcon will be back in Provo, May 13-14th.  In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3 Host Rebecca Cressman is joined by Scenic View Academy’s Program Director Jared Stewart and Benefits Skills Coordinator Sarah Heuser. They explain how Autcon creates an event where all who attend can […]
Why Every Adult Should Have an Advance Directive   (23:45) April 16, 2022
Many people during the COVID-19 pandemic were suddenly faced with making vital decisions about their healthcare. Yet, some patients were too seriously ill to make those choices themselves. Since medical emergencies can happen at any time, every adult should put their future healthcare decisions in writing so loved ones and providers can know what kind […]
Legendary Hawaiian ‘Waterman’ Documentary Opens in Utah   (25:27) April 09, 2022
Over 100 years ago, a humble Hawaiian surfer named Duke Kahanamoku became an Olympic swimming legend, introduced the world to surfing, and saved so many lives in the ocean he became the inspiration of the modern-day Lifeguard. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman interviews Utah film director Isaac Halasima about his […]
Utah’s Hogle Zoo Joins Community to Help Local Wildlife   (23:03) April 01, 2022
Spring is bringing a season of wildlife conservation inside and outside of Utah’s Hogle Zoo. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3 Host Rebecca Cressman is joined by Hogle Zoo’s Jeff Meigs to get the latest on the zoo’s animals large and small and on upcoming events where neighbors and volunteers can join the […]
Protecting Yourself from Cyberattacks   (24:57) March 25, 2022
As world events highlight the increasing risk of cyberattacks upon the United States, there’s also greater worries of how cyberwarfare could affect businesses and individuals in Utah and beyond. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3 Host Rebecca Cressman is joined by cybersecurity expert Brandon Amacher, the Director of the Emerging Tech Policy Lab […]
Ways to Help Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah   (24:45) March 18, 2022
There are nearly 75 Utah children on a waiting list hoping a volunteer steps into their lives to be a friend, mentor, and cheerleader.  You can help by sharing an hour or two of your time each month to help these children, some who live in poverty or who are refugees, or by joining events […]