Utah Weekly Forum with Rebecca Cressman

Utah Weekly Forum is a Public Affairs Program hosted each week by National and Local Award Winning Personality Rebecca Cressman. UWF is a program dedicated to raising awareness for non-profit organizations, local charities, humanitarian groups, and anybody willing to improve lives and communities across the world. Utah Weekly Forum can be downloaded and podcast every Monday!
Utah Commemorates 125 Years of Statehood   (23:10) February 27, 2021
On January 4th, 2021, Utah celebrated its 125th anniversary of statehood with a special televised program supporting Utah’s cultural and arts community. The special event was created by the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts, in partnership with Utah’s Governor’s Office and more events are planned that focus on our state’s history, arts, and culture. In […]
Women of the World Enriching Lives in Utah   (23:36) February 20, 2021
There are thousands of refugees in Utah, many who have fled violent or troubled countries. On March 10th, many of these displaced women will walk a runway in ethnic dress to highlight their stories, their strength, and their traditions at the Women of the World 11th Annual Fashion Show and fundraiser. In this week’s edition […]
Stopping Heart Disease in Utah   (23:54) February 20, 2021
Heart disease is not just the leading killer in the world, but it’s the number one threat to men and women in Utah. In this week’s edition of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Dr. Kirk Knowlton, director of cardiovascular research and associate chief of cardiology at the Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute. Dr. Knowlton […]
Know Your Scripts and Protect Your Family   (26:27) February 05, 2021
It’s not just opioids that Utah parents need to watch out for,  other prescriptions come with risks of addiction too. But, talking openly about the dangers of prescription medication with our children and our parents can dramatically lower the risk of misuse.  In this week’s edition of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined […]
Utah’s Scouting for Food Drive   (25:53) January 30, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many hardships upon families and many more people have had to turn to local food pantries to feed their children. In this week’s edition of Utah Weekly Forum, we focus on the on-going Scouting for Food Drive mobilizing hundreds of scouts, troops, and crews to help the community fill the […]
Closet With A Cause   (18:40) January 16, 2021
This is the time of year for New Year resolutions!  One of the most popular resolutions is to become more organized, minimize and declutter!  What happens we achieve this resolution?  By decluttering, minimizing and becoming more organized, experts say we experience less stress so we experience more peace of mind and happiness.  It gives us […]
Play “InUtah” and Help Utah’s Economy   (23:24) January 15, 2021
Whether it’s a short drive to explore one of Utah’s many state parks, a ski trip, a stop at a local business, or following health guidelines, everyone can do their part to keep our state’s economy vibrant. In this week’s edition of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Pete Codella, the marketing […]
Huntsman Cancer Innovates New Ways to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in Utah   (25:27) December 19, 2020
Colorectal Cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in the U.S. But many of Utah’s poor, uninsured, and ethnic minorities struggle to get screened. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Huntsman Cancer Institute Researcher Dr. Cho Lam and Carbon Medical Services PA Dylan Taylor explain how a new grant awarded to Huntsman Cancer […]
The Utah Women Behind Relentlessly Resilient   (28:14) December 12, 2020
In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Michelle Scharf and Jennie Taylor, join FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to talk about their new podcast that focuses on the challenges of and the tools needed to overcome hardships and obstacles. Jennie’s husband, Major Brent Taylor, died while serving in Afghanistan and Michelle lost her husband to terminal cancer. […]
The Forgotten Carols on Utah’s Big Screen   (27:28) December 12, 2020
The Covid pandemic brought many challenges to the arts, but for fans of the live theatrical production of The Forgotten Carols, 2020 brought a gift. The beloved play that has been on stage for almost 30 years is now in movie theaters. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Michael McLean joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman […]
Eagle Condor Humanitarian; Building Self-Reliance & Giving Hope   (24:37) December 12, 2020
In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Melissa Webster and Laura Chabries of Eagle Condor Humanitarian, a non-profit headquartered in Utah in need of donations to continue its work to eliminate poverty and educate vulnerable children in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Eagle Condor hosts expeditions throughout the year offering […]
Flu Vaccine Even More Important in Utah   (25:02) October 31, 2020
The Influenza season has begun and the flu can be dangerous to young children, older adults and those with health risks. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Intermountain Healthcare Medical director Dr. Gordon Harkness explains that it’s more important than ever that Utahns get immunized against the flu. Dr. Harkness joins FM100.3 host Rebecca Cressman […]
Utah’s Richard Paul Evans Writes of Holiday Forgiveness   (24:48) October 31, 2020
His newest book is set decades ago in Salt Lake City, yet local reader will recognize much more than just a glimpse into Utah history. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, New York Times best selling author Richard Paul Evans joins FM100.3 host Rebecca Cressman to share how his 41st novel “The Noel Letters” […]
Understanding Medicare Enrollment   (25:28) October 31, 2020
Medicare insurance is complex with multiple plans and benefits that are almost as different as the aging seniors who use them. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Medicare Insurance Specialist, Chuck Moore joins FM100.3 host Rebecca Cressman to explain what Utahns 65 years-old and up need to know before the enrollment deadline passes in […]
Sole Fitness & Supporting Survivors   (29:38) October 10, 2020
Exercising regularly lowers the risk of breast cancer and lowers recurrence rates in survivors too. But for men and women, caring for our health also includes getting screened regularly to find cancer when it’s most treatable. Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sole Fitness has partnered with FM100.3 to amplify how important it is for Utah […]
Healthy Choices for a Healthy Utah Economy   (22:36) September 12, 2020
The COVID19 pandemic brought more than health risks, it also brought a challenge for Utah to find a way to inspire residents to play a key role in reinvigorating and elevating Utah’s economy and outlook. In this week’s edition of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Pete Codella, the Director of Marketing […]
Ways to Manage 2020’s Back to School Stress   (24:05) August 29, 2020
With changes being made each month and school starting online, in person, and in some school districts in a hybrid of both settings, families are under even more stress. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Intermountain’s Primary Children’s Center for Counseling Psychologist Dr. Annie Deming joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to outline ways parents can […]
Phones that Keep Kids Safe   (22:55) August 29, 2020
Younger and younger kids want phones to stay in touch with friends, play games, take pictures, and more, but those same phones can connect children to content on the internet that is problematic and potentially dangerous.  In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Gabb Wireless’ Lance Black joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to describe the safe cell […]
Don’t Forget Other Family Healthcare Needs in Pandemic   (23:39) August 29, 2020
There has been a concerning drop in childhood and teen vaccinations in Utah, mirroring trends across the country. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Dr. Mark Greenwood, Family Medicine Medical Director at Intermountain Healthcare, joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to explain that COVID-19 isn’t the only potential virus of concern to children, teens, and adults and that […]
Blood Donations Needed at ARUP   (23:03) August 29, 2020
In this week’s edition of Utah Weekly Forum, ARUP Blood Services’ Jennifer Haycock joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to explain why more blood and platelet donors are needed now and particularly during Labor Day weekend. ARUP has two donor centers, open 7 days a week, in Salt Lake County. Details are at UtahBlood.org.