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2021-07-18 Religion Today – To be an Apostle Must One See Jesus and Was This a Requirement to be an Ancient Apostle

Was it a requirement to be an Ancient Apostle to see Jesus Christ before and after his resurrection?  To be a modern Apostle, must one see Jesus Christ?  Is is possible for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to fall away and the Gospel be restored yet again in the future?  Religion Today host Martin Tanner answers these and other questions.  Not all ancient nor all modern Apostles have seen Jesus.  But some have.  The calling of an Apostle, to be a special witness of Jesus as savior and that he was resurrected, is one based on divine calling, not whether a person has seen Jesus.  The D&C makes it clear that everyone who is worthy, regardless of calling, may have that wonderful, person experience.  Joseph Smith and others have said the Church as a whole will never fall away and the Gospel will not again be restored..

Published: Saturday July 17, 2021
Runtime: 00:19:59