Religion Today

2022-03-06 Religion Today – The Lost Book of the Law and Josiah’s Deuteronomic Reform of Judaism

In 622 BC King Josiah’s Priest Hilkiah found a scroll, the “Book of the Law” which is thought to be Deuteronomy chapters 12-26 with a few additions.   King Josiah read it and instituted major political and religious reforms, including changes in the Temple and local worship.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner describes the two views of Josiah’s reforms:  (1) the people, the Dead Sea Scrolls and 1 Enoch imply Josiah’s reforms were not sanctioned by God, resulting in God allowing Josiah’s death, Jerusalem and the Temple to be destroyed and the Jews exiled; and, (2) Josiah’s reforms were good.  Martin describes why it is likely Josiah removed the original Menorah from the Temple, which was also called the “Tree of Life” and prophecies of its Latter-day restoration.

Published: Sunday March 06, 2022
Runtime: 00:19:59