Religion Today

2022-07-24 Religion Today – The Rest of the Story – Little Known Details of Church History in Honor of Pioneer Day

In honor of the 1847 and later Pioneers, in this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner provides “the rest of the story”, little known details of LDS Church history, including the likely date of Joseph Smith’s “First Vision”, what happened to the original Nauvoo Temple, how Wilford Wood acquired for the LDS Church, the Nauvoo Temple site, the Newell K. Whitney Store, the Johnston Farm, the Adam-Ondi-Ahman property, part of the original Book of Mormon manuscript, Liberty Jail, Carthage Jail, and other Church History sites.  He describes how the Salt Lake Valley looked when the Pioneers arrived and how it was already occupied, and described as beautiful and lush by the early Pioneers.  

Published: Saturday July 23, 2022
Runtime: 00:19:59