Religion Today

2023-01-08 Religion Today – Professor Kerry Muhlstein – Understanding the Covenant Path and the Blessings From Staying On it

Host Martin Tanner’s guest, BYU Professor Kerry Muhlstein, PhD, answers the question “What is the Covenant Path” we are supposed to be on?  What covenants has God asked us to make?  What blessing await those who follow those covenants?  The Abrahamic Covenant, Baptismal Covenant, Endowment covenants, Sacramental covenants, and others are discussed. Promising to obey covenants does not restrict, but gives freedom.  Just as safety results when traffic laws are obeyed, obeying God’s covenants yields blessings – far greater than can be imagined.  In his new book “Finding Promised Blessings on The Covenant Path” (available on Amazon, at Seagull Book, Deseret Book, etc.) Professor Muhlstein explains these concepts in greater detail and many others.

Published: Saturday January 07, 2023
Runtime: 00:19:58