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2023-05-21 Religion Today – Why Latter-day Saints Have the Jesus of the Bible, But CRI Does Not

In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains why Walter Martin and CRI (Christian Research Institute) have the wrong Jesus, an un-Biblical Jesus, while Latter-day Saints believe in the Biblical Jesus.  What is the distinction? The CRI believes in the “Trinitarian” concept of God which is not found in the Bible, which is that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are of “one undivided substance” which is an idea not found in the Bible. Also, CRI does not believe or ignores Jesus’ statement that, “[T]he Son can do nothing .  .  . but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He [the Father] does, the Son also does in like manner.” (John 5:19; emphasis added). CRI twists Philippians 2:5-5 into saying Jesus and God are of the same substance, when even the NIV says they are of the same “nature” just like two people are of the same nature, not of the very same substance.

Published: Sunday May 21, 2023
Runtime: 00:20:00