Utah Weekly Forum with Rebecca Cressman

5 Before 5, Helping Utah’s Youngest Children Learn

Little children’s brains develop in big ways during their earliest years. Millions of neural connections are made each second. By the time children enter kindergarten, their brain is nearly as full grown as an adult’s. Now there’s new help to support that growth called 5 Before 5. In this week’s edition of Utah Weekly Forum, United Way of Salt Lake’s Elizabeth Garbe and Envision Utah’s Travis Allred join Host Rebecca Cressman to explain how the collaborative effort gives Utah parents more ways to Love, Talk, Read, Count, and Play with their children before their fifth birthday. The learning experts and child advocates behind 5 Before 5 have provided an extraordinary website full of resources, ideas, and inspiration at https://5b45kids.com

Published: Friday July 24, 2020
Runtime: 00:26:02