Relentlessly Resilient

Aimee Winder Newton opens up about almost losing her daughter, Aubree, due to a brain tumor

In this week’s episode, Michelle Scharf and Jennie Taylor are joined by Aimee Winder Newton to talk about her experience when she was told by doctors that her then two-year-old daughter, Aubree, was going to require brain surgery after doctors found a tumor growing in her brain.

Aimee also opens up about how her family was able to stay positive after surgeons were only able to remove 25% of the tumor and why it was so mentally challenging to stay positive after the tumor began to grow at a rapid rate — ultimately requiring a second surgery.

She also talks about what the recovery process has looked like for Aubree, the moment her family found out the tumor miraculously disappeared, and how Aimee’s relationship with gratitude has evolved over the years.

Published: Thursday December 17, 2020
Runtime: 00:46:52