Sound Advice with the Osmonds

Audition Snubs and Disneyland: How the Osmond Brothers Got Started

You would think that an entertainment career spanning six decades and 100 million records sold would have begun with a little more glory.  For the Osmond Brothers, however, it began with an audition snub from a popular TV show and a father’s decision to go to Disneyland.
Through a series of “flukes”, that family trip to The Happiest Place on Earth ended up catching the attention of Walt Disney himself.  A summer gig at the theme park led to an appearance on a TV special that caught the attention of Andy Williams’ father, and a one-week appearance on The Andy Williams Show turned into an 8-year run–including the new additions of Donny, Marie, and Jimmy Osmond.

Published: Tuesday July 28, 2020
Runtime: 04:35:59