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Battling Substance Use: The Struggles, Setbacks, and Triumphs with Matt Borget

Matt Borget(Marketing Director at Wasatch Crest Treatment) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to talk about growing up in a very happy, family-oriented family in Utah County, how he began to feel pressure to participate in church activities, and how it led to him feeling out of place.

Matt shares how these feelings led him to find Utah countercultures that introduced him to the world of hardcore music, alcohol, and drugs throughout his teenage years.

He also talks about flourishing financially after he started selling marijuana, becoming addicted to opioids after learning he could afford whatever he wanted, and landing in Utah Prison after he was raided by Utah County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Task Force.

We also talk about how Matt’s addiction would ultimately escalate to the point of him habitually using heroin to fuel his habits, his combative mindset when heading into treatment, and being given the gift of a second chance at life after committing to recovery.

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Published: Tuesday September 05, 2023
Runtime: 01:09:46