Therefore, what?

Bob Woodward Talks Trust and Truth in 21st century

The state of integrity is never static. It’s as susceptible to corruption and degradation as it is amenable to improvement or fortification. We’re in unique times, challenging times, but with an age-old fight for essential principles. With the current backslide of public trust, we get a glimpse of what we stand to lose in our homes and our communities. The hard fought for values of trust and integrity form the bulwark of strength for the nation, but that foundation will crack and crumble through apathy, arrogance and neglect. The issue of trust transcends today’s headlines, the principle of integrity surpasses current politics and politicians. Beyond the government or the media, this is a We the People problem that requires We the People responses. The Deseret News will convene, in Washington, D.C., “Integrity and Trust: Lessons from Watergate and Today.” We will be joined by legendary reporter Bob Woodward on this week’s edition of Therefore, What? 

Published: Tuesday January 08, 2019
Runtime: 00:24:07