Relentlessly Resilient

Brittany Taylor on how mental health has shaped her relationship with her ex-husband

In this week’s episode, Michelle Scharf and Jennie Taylor are joined by Brittany Taylor to open up about her experience with resiliency after meeting her ex-husband Bryan, how she felt like she found her best friend that she didn’t know she needed, and how Bryan’s mental health began to slip after he began to experience stress while in law school.

Brittany also remembers Bryan’s first suicide attempt, the work they put in to try and get Bryan the help he needed, and what led Brittany to file for divorce from Bryan.

She also talks about the mysteries that led Bryan down such a path, how she’s been able to stay close with Bryan over the years, and how she’s evolved after years of soul searching.

Published: Tuesday February 02, 2021
Runtime: 00:52:17