First Lady & Friends

Caring for our autistic friends after 21 with Sumiko Martinez and Nathan Anderson

Utah’s First Lady Abby Cox is joined bySumiko Martinez(Director of Autism After 21 Utah Project, Madison House Autism Foundation) and Nathan Anderson(Sr. Director of Public Affairs at Union Pacific and father of two sons on the Autism Spectrum) to talk about their shared passions for promoting awareness for those who are living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, programs that Autism After 21 is developing to be more neuroinclusive for those who are on the Autism spectrum, and how communities can come together to help build better toolkits 

We also talk about innovative housing features that can provide a better living experience for families with a member who may be on the Autism spectrum and why it’s so important to listen to our nuerodivergent friends in order to create better experiences in all aspects of life.

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Published: Thursday May 04, 2023
Runtime: 00:45:29