First Lady & Friends

Chris Yadon and Betsy Kanorawski on raising awareness around child sexual abuse

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention month and in today’s episode, Utah’s First Lady, Abby Cox, is joined by Chris Yadon (Executive Director) and Betsy Kanorawski (Chief Program Officer) from Saprea to talk about their Utah roots, the origins of Saprea, and different ways that we can all fight against child sexual abuse.

We also dive into the importance of empowering parents to learn and proactively apply research-based best practices that can reduce the risk of sexual abuse happening and why defending innocence is not defending ignorance.

Then we talk about how the awareness surrounding child sexual abuse has evolved over the years, how teachers can play a role in detecting signs of abuse, and the different ways that members of the community can help survivors of abuse.

To learn more about Chris and Betsy and the work they’re doing at Saprea, you can visit the Saprea website:

You can also find more information about protecting the welfare of our children at:

Published: Thursday April 14, 2022
Runtime: 00:46:03