Project Recovery

Christine and Rick open up about how addiction has shaped their lives over the years

In this week’s episode, Casey and Dr. Matt are joined by Christine and Rick Dixon(Renaissance Ranch) to talk about meeting each other at BYU, their goals of having the perfect family, and how addiction within their family almost cost them everything.

They dive into how their two sons were addicted to heroin as young adults, the moment they realized the severity of the situation, and how codependency almost ruined Christine and Rick’s marriage.

Then they recall the recovery that the entire family had to go through for their boys to accept help and begin looking into addiction treatment options.

Christine and Rick also talk about what led them to purchase Rennaisance Ranch and why their relationship with themselves, their marriage, and their family is better than ever.

To learn more about Christine, Rick, and Renaissance Ranch you can visit the website here:

Published: Tuesday October 20, 2020
Runtime: 01:04:27