Utah Weekly Forum with Rebecca Cressman

Closet With A Cause

This is the time of year for New Year resolutions!  One of the most popular resolutions is to become more organized, minimize and declutter!  What happens we achieve this resolution?  By decluttering, minimizing and becoming more organized, experts say we experience less stress so we experience more peace of mind and happiness.  It gives us more focus for the things we truly find important, we achieve more freedom and have more happiness!  Best place to start??  How about that closet?


This week on the Utah Weekly Forum, we talk with McKenzi Saddler of The Closet Butler.  The Closet Butler excels at taking your current closet and redesigning it, allowing you to be more efficient with your space and time!  Your organization goes up while your minimizing and decluttering your life!  But what about all the clothes and shoes that you no longer need?  That’s where Closet  With Cause comes in.  When you work with The Closet Butler, they’ll design your space, make it look beautiful and useful and when the project is finished, The Closet Butler will take your bags of gently used clothing and deliver to one of many companies that can help make a difference for people in our community!   


To find out more, visit www.theclosetbutler.com

Published: Saturday January 16, 2021
Runtime: 00:18:39