Relentlessly Resilient

Dave Thurman opens up about overcoming the loss of his wife due to Cervical cancer

In this week’s episode, Michelle and Jennie are joined by Dave Thurman to talk about the loss of his wife, Malia, due to Cervical cancer in March of this year. He also talks about how her initial diagnosis was listed as curable but ultimately turned into a terminal diagnosis shortly after.

Dave also talks about how Malia went through 24 rounds of radiation treatment and 5 chemo treatments and how after all of that work, Malia was finally cancer-free. But then Dave opens up about how cancer came back with a vengeance.

Then Dave recalls what it was like to go back into cancer treatment with Malia for the second time, the final visit with their oncologist, and how their entire family changed the moment that Malia passed. 

He also explains what it was like to grieve during the pandemic, the celebration of life he was finally able to have after the restrictions were lifted, and what the past few months have looked like for Dave and his family.

Published: Thursday November 19, 2020
Runtime: 00:45:55