Project Recovery

David Watkins & Mary Jo McMillin with Use Only as Directed join us to talk about addiction and recovery

In this week’s episode, Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by David Watkins(Weber Human Services – Regional Prevention Director) to talk about the many ways that Use Only as Directed is approaching opioid addiction prevention, how we need to be more responsible with our prescriptions, and how their new public awareness campaign, “Know Your Script”, evolves our prevention efforts by empowering people and parents to become advocates for their health care.

To learn more about Weber Human Services, you can visit their website at

We’re also joined by Mary Jo McMillin(USARA – UTAH SUPPORT ADVOCATES FOR RECOVERY AWARENESS – Executive Director) to talk about ways that USARA is addressing substance abuse recovery, how harm reduction and disease prevention is another form of recovery, and what makes USARA so unique as a pillar of recovery in the community.

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You can also learn more about Use Only as Directed by visiting their website at

Published: Tuesday September 22, 2020
Runtime: 00:46:05