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Dehenna Davison shares how Levelling Up aims to create equal opportunities throughout the UK

Utah’s First Lady Abby Cox is joined by Dehenna Davison(MP for Bishop Auckland & Levelling Up Minister) to talk about learning proper work ethic from her father at an early age in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, how the sudden passing of her father shaped her formative years, and becoming one of the youngest female Members of Parliament (MPs) at twenty-six years old.

We also dive into the dangers of social media organically producing political echo chambers, how Levelling Up is focused on creating opportunities for everyone across the UK, and the need for more youth who are interested in politics to help make positive change.

Then we talk about various ways we can have healthy disagreements to better understand one another and the toll that social media can have on the mental health of our youth.

You can also learn about the amazing work that the World Trade Center Utah is doing to elevate Utah’s global status and international engagement below.

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Published: Friday June 23, 2023
Runtime: 00:48:48