Project Recovery

Diana Harrison opens up about years of manipulation and addictive behaviors

In this week’s episode, Casey and Dr. Matt are joined by Diana Harrison to talk about growing up in a household with divorced parents, dealing with being bulimic, and how a broken rib stopped Diana from purging but created an addiction to pain pills.

She also dives into her experience with abusing her partner’s pain pills and how she used that to her advantage to abuse her own prescription. Then Diana dives into how she was abused and manipulated in her relationships in life and how they furthered her desire for pills.

We also talk about the lengths that Diana would go to get pills of her own and how she hid her addictive behaviors.

Then Diana recalls the exact moment she realized she needed help and the work she has been doing to stay sober.

Published: Tuesday October 06, 2020
Runtime: 01:06:52