Celebrating the Spectrum

Gio’s Garden Celebrates Ten Years

Charlotte Deleste is a journalist in Wisconsin. Her son, Giovanni, was born with a rare genetic condition that caused him to have up to 80 seizures a day. Despite his disabilities, Gio was declared “not disabled enough” to get home nursing care. She couldn’t believe it. Instead of accepting a system that felt broken, she and her husband created what has turned into a non-profit helping hundreds of families with respite care, therapy, and family support. You will be inspired by her drive to get her son, and other families, the help they need.

“That’s all we want to do, just make a difference, make a positive difference and hope that it just keeps going and somebody else will do the same down the road.”

-Charlotte Deleste, Founder of Gio’s Garden

Published: Monday December 05, 2022
Runtime: 00:41:39