Project Recovery

Heidi Lund opens up about the struggles of getting clean and finding a life of sobriety

In this week’s episode, Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Heidi Lund(Program Director for LifeStart Village at Family Support Center) to talk about being addicted to meth at the age of 12 due to having a turbulent household growing up, dropping out of school before she started high school, and how her 8-month-old son overdosed on meth.

Heidi also opens up about her prescription abuse, her experience with running in and out of jail, being homeless, and what it took for her to realize that she needed to make a change in her life.

Then we talk about how House of Hope, a recovery center in Utah, was able to help her take control of her own recovery, and the work she’s doing with LifeStart Village at Family Support Center.

To learn more about Family Support Center, you can visit their website here:

Published: Tuesday December 08, 2020
Runtime: 00:55:17