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How to help your family through pandemic whiplash

What is pandemic whiplash, you ask? Well, when you really get whiplash injuries often have delayed symptoms. Many of the damage that we experience from COVID is also delayed—financially, mentally, physically, etc. Whiplash has a wide spectrum of damage possibilities and treatments. For example if there is major tissue or spinal damage, a heating pad and or pain killers will not reverse the damage. Mental and physical effects of COVID are going to be different for every individual and we could be treating our COVID anxiety and symptoms with the wrong treatment. Which is why understanding the emotion cycle and paying attention to our own emotions is so important. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Mollie Pettingill, host of The Dear Daughter Workshop¬†all about how to do this.¬†

Published: Sunday October 25, 2020
Runtime: 00:38:21