Voices of Reason

How two teen athletes turn ‘ugly’ moment into forgiveness and understanding

Recently, two high school baseball players got into an altercation when one teen used a racial epithet during the heat of a game toward a fellow competitor. That episode launched a firestorm of reaction from both players, the teams and from school administrators. While the confrontation was sparked by anger, the eventual outcome was the result of two young men showing how contrition and forgiveness can lead to understanding and mutual respect.

On this episode of the Voices of Reason podcast, Amy Donaldson and Jasen Lee are joined by Brighton (UT) High School pitcher Brennan Holligan, 16, and Jordan (UT) High School pitcher Gage Edwards, 18, along with Brighton head baseball coach Andy Concepcion and Jordan assistant baseball coach LaVon Edwards. We discuss the situation that transpired on the baseball field and ended up being a lesson neither player, their teammates or coaches will ever forget.

Published: Wednesday May 23, 2018
Runtime: 00:42:21