First Lady & Friends

Irina Pierpont and Owen Fuller talk about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how Utahns can help

Utah’s First Lady, Abby Cox, is joined by Irina Pierpont to talk about what her childhood looked like growing up in Ukraine, the events that led her family to migrate out of Donbas, Ukraine, and the devastating reality of the Ukrainian people fighting the Russian army.

Then we are joined by Owen Fuller (CEO – Lucidpress)┬áto talk about his history with the Czech Republic region, various ways that Utahns are showing up to help raise awareness and support for the Ukrainian people, and the need to continue showing support for Ukrainian refugees.

Irina also opens up about her experience working with refugees, all of the ways that Utahns can come together to help ease the trauma that many refugees experience, and the need for empathy towards both the Ukrainian and Russian people.

To learn more about donating to Ukrainian refugees, you can visit: or

Published: Thursday March 17, 2022
Runtime: 00:51:31