Project Recovery

Jameson Hedin on living the life he always wanted after battling addiction

Jameson Hedin joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to open up about his descent into addiction that started when he was a teenager due to not feeling comfortable in his own skin. Jameson shares how the fun he was having with drugs and alcohol quickly became a dangerous time in his teenage years once he became dependent on opioids at only nineteen years old.

Then Jameson explains the depression and anxiety that he felt while trying to stay sober over the next few years, why he was so afraid to ask for help for his addiction, and how his brother Drew helped him finally commit to going to treatment.

Lastly, Jameson talks about what his life after treatment looked like and how he was able to overcome many other hurdles before he found success in his recovery.

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Published: Tuesday August 15, 2023
Runtime: 01:10:26