Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Ken Jennings: BBQ

To celebrate Ken Jennings’ return to the Jeopardy stage, we’re re-airing his episode, which happens to be one of our favorites!

In 2004, Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings won 74 games in a row, making him the record holder for longest winning streak. In 2020 he slayed Jeopardy’s Greatest of All Time tournament and he will be sharing Jeopardy hosting duties through the end of the year, alternating with past YLM guest Mayim Bialik.

In this episode, Ken shares how he became obsessed with trivia, Alex Trebek’s shockingly sugary breakfast choice and, a huge barbecue lover, tells us why he doesn’t want to be known as a “Barbecue guy.”

He also clues us in to the regional food of Utah: Jell-O! We learn the history of Jell-O with Lynne Belluscio, executive director of the Jell-O Gallery in LeRoy, New York.

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Published: Thursday October 14, 2021
Runtime: 00:32:51