Project Recovery

LT Weaver recalls his darkest days while struggling with substance abuse

In this week’s episode, Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by LT Weaver to talk about how a chaotic household growing up gave birth to his addictive behaviors, his introduction to serious drugs, and how his addiction to meth left him completely broken.

Then he opens up about his time in jail after getting arrested, finding sobriety while on probation, and why he began to rely on weed to just get by.

LT also talks about how a horrific vehicle accident caused one of his boys to almost lose his life and how it pushed LT into the darkest depths of his addiction.

We also dive into the work that LT has put into his sobriety to ensure that he lives a life of sobriety.

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Published: Tuesday November 24, 2020
Runtime: 01:00:15