First Lady & Friends

Marni Allred talks about the library’s influence on a student’s learning journey

Utah’s First Lady, Abby Cox, is joined by Marianna “Marni” Allred (Media Specialist for Robert Frost Elementary) to talk about Marni’s passion for reading while living on a 50-acre farm, some of Marni’s favorite childhood books and authors growing up that helped her imagination flourish, and some of the trends that Marni is seeing when it comes to children adapting to an ever-evolving way to consume literature.

We also dive into the support staff shortage that many schools are currently experiencing throughout the state, the influence that a library can have on a student, and the incredibly difficult challenges that teachers are currently facing.

Marni also explains the impact that having a parent being a teacher for a day could have on the parent-teacher relationship and why teachers need more commitment from parents to provide a better learning experience for the student.

The books mentioned during the show can be found below:

The Golden Name Day (Jennie D Lindquist, Garth Williams)
What About Worms?! (Ryan T. Higgins)
I Can Only Draw Worms (Will Mabbit)
The Ruth Galloway Novels (Elly Griffiths)
She’s Up to No Good (Sara Goodman Confino)

Published: Thursday August 11, 2022
Runtime: 00:58:24