First Lady & Friends

Mike and Liz Mower on bridging Utah communities through faith and service

In this week’s episode of First Lady and Friends, Utah’s First Lady, Abby Cox, is joined by Mike Mower (Senior Advisor of Community Outreach and Intergovernmental Relations) and Liz Mower(Community Activist) to talk about the beginnings of their relationship, what life was like raising a blended family, and some great tips when it comes to blending families together.

Then we dive into their work with the local refugee communities in the state, some of the amazing opportunities that are available for all Utahns to help with refugees coming into the state, and why connecting to others is such an integral part of our state.

We also talk about their passion for bringing people of different faiths together within the state, how former guest, Pamela Atkinson, has helped paved the way to bridge all of Utah’s religious communities, and some of the amazing stories that have come from the 123 Challenge and #ShowUpForService.

Published: Thursday April 07, 2022
Runtime: 00:47:20