First Lady & Friends

More than just a drink with Swig Founder — Nicole Tanner

In this week’s episode of First Lady and Friends, Utah’s First Lady, Abby Cox, is joined by Nicole Tanner (Founder of Swig) to talk about how growing up on a farm in Teton Valley, Idaho, helped her develop the skills to be effective in the restaurant business, how Nicole and her husband found the inspiration for Swig, and why you need to trust your heart if you feel that you have a great idea for a business.

We also dive into the reality of starting your own business without financial support, how Swig has been able to expand to over 40 different locations, and the growing trend of “Dirty Soda”.

Nicole also opens up about her battle with breast cancer and raising over $300,000 in the past two years through Swig’s “Save the Cups” program that helps pay for life-saving procedures for women battling breast cancer.

To learn more about Swig and Save the Cups, you can visit their website here:

Published: Thursday June 09, 2022
Runtime: 00:46:30