Helmets Off

Patrick Mahomes Begins A Dynasty, 49ers Quarterbacks & Aaron Hernandez Doc

Helmets Off is going to be looking a little different now, but it will allow us to dive deeper and better analyze topics. Scott will now be doing one episode per week, focusing and analyzing three different topics in a longer-form episode. 

This week we are staring with the NFL Conference Championship games. Scott predicts Patrick Mahomes is the next NFL legend. He breaks down some plays that prove it. Another shocking thing the conference championship games is that the 49ers only threw the ball 7 times! 7 times!! Scott was dumbfounded by that and predicts the Chiefs will beat the 49ers by making Jimmy Garrapollo throw the ball.

Lastly, Scott watched the new documentary about Aaron Hernandez’s life on Netflix. Scott breaks down the things that surprised him most and the things he learned about the situation that he never knew before.

Published: Wednesday January 22, 2020
Runtime: 00:21:30