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Telling Veterans Stories: Filmmaker Zane O’Gwin

When an opportunity to capture a historical parachute jump into Normandy on the 75th anniversary, Utah filmmaker Zane O’Gwin knew he wanted to be part of it. He quickly learned there was more to the story than the decision of a group of veterans to try and honor World War II veterans who parachuted into France as part of the Normandy invasion by the allied troops.

From telling the story of a Gold Star mom to the many others that each participated for their own reasons, Zane and his team capture those and many more. 
Here Am I, Send Me is available for free on YouTube.

Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUuL5ksxPT0&t=2051s

Published: Tuesday December 03, 2019
Runtime: 00:35:43