Money Making Sense

This is your wallet on chemo, part 2

“Drug companies are spending time on things which make money, not that work.”  That’s according to filmmaker Jeff Witzeman.  He followed his wife with a camera through Stage 3 bladder cancer.  She came through on the other side, cancer free (in 30-days) with all her organs, and none of the side-effects which chemotherapy and radiation would have inflicted on her  body.

The Federal Drug Administration doesn’t investigate natural cures because there is nothing to patent or make a profit. Germany, Sweden, and several other European countries use naturopathic medicine to heal cancer patients; Jeff says that happens at a third of the cost and with no side-effects.

How do you know what is legitimate and what isn’t?  And what choices do children have in America when it comes to Leukemia or Lymphoma?

Jeff is a panelist at the Indie Film Showcase at Sundance Film Festival in 2018. He’ll be appearing alongside E! founder Larry Namer, Australian filmmaker David Raynor, filmmaker Sue Vicory, and eco-entrepreneur Allison Melody. Their panel, scheduled for Sunday, January 21 at Bodega Tapas and Wine on Main Street in Park City, will be moderated by I Entertainment News’s Monica Morrison. 

Before making his first film, Jeff was an actor, writer and musician, appearing in shows like Frazier and Webster and even a Miller Genuine Draft Super Bowl commercial. 

Published: Wednesday January 17, 2018
Runtime: 00:15:52