Relentlessly Resilient

Timothy Hawkes remembers his late mother — MaryJane Davidson Hawkes

Michelle Scharf and Jennie Taylor are joined by Timothy Hawkes (Utah House of Representative – District 18) to remember Timothy’s late-mother — MaryJane Davidson Hawkes. He opens up about how his younger brother, Ben, struggled with mental illness at an early age, how Ben’s substance abuse and mental illness impacted his family, and the moments that led to Ben taking their mother’s life after suffering from a schizophrenic episode.

Timothy also talks about grieving the loss of his mother, how he has commemorated her, and how ‘Coco’ inspired Timothy’s family to keep his mother’s spirit alive.

You can see the lessons that Timothy’s mother taught him that he talks about in the episode at:

Published: Tuesday January 19, 2021
Runtime: 00:46:30