First Lady & Friends

Roots is redefining what a healthy and productive education can be with Tyler Bastian and Dan Caffee

In this week’s episode of First Lady and Friends, Utah’s First Lady, Abby Cox, is joined by Tyler Bastian (Principal/Director and Founder of Roots Charter High School) and Dan Caffee (Governing Board Chair of Roots Charter High School) to talk about the inspiration behind Roots Charter High School, Utah’s first farm-based charter high school, the moment they realized that the farm could become a transformational pillar in the community, and why Roots is introducing a new culture to our youth.

Then Tyler and Dan talk about the importance of creating an atmosphere of love and community for the students, who are deemed “at-risk”, developing an environment that can bolster personal growth, and how their “243” approach has become a framework for Roots.

We also dive into how Roots graduates transition into the real world, some of the hurdles that they might face due to different educational and workplace settings, and how the idea of radical kindness can change the world.

To learn more about Roots Charter High School, you can visit their website here:

Published: Thursday June 02, 2022
Runtime: 00:44:08