Celebrating the Spectrum

Utah Artist Heather Olsen’s Connection to Autism

Utah artist Heather Olsen was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. When Heather was 14, her nephew was diagnosed with Autism. Heather studied classical realism at the Bridge Academy of Art and the Hein Academy of Art for three years before completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Utah. She has been featured in numerous art exhibits nationwide and specializes in painting animals and people where personality and emotion are wonderfully depicted. She has also taught sensory art to children with Autism, created a painting series to raise awareness and funds, and continues to volunteer at events and support the Autism cause. She loves to care for her nephew and enjoys spending time with all her friends with Autism.

“They taught me, I feel like, more than I taught them because yeah, I learned so much from them. And I think just taking life as it comes was something that I learned while I was there.”

Published: Sunday October 30, 2022
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