Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Zosia Mamet: Bolognese + Chocolate Cake

We absolutely adore actor Zosia Mamet in Girls and The Flight Attendant and now she’s dipped her toe into our favorite world: food! She just released her first book, My First Popsicle: An Anthology of Food and Feelings, a collection of food-centered essays written by folks like Katie Holmes, Ted Danson, David Sedaris and Rosie Perez.

In the book, Zosia writes about her favorite holiday meal, which includes a couple of hot button, controversial American dishes: sweet potato marshmallow casserole and canned, jellied cranberry sauce. Zosia and host Rachel Belle opine on these holiday classics, and then Rick Rogers, author of Thanksgiving 101, joins the show to share the history of the sweet potato marshmallow casserole, and the folks at Ocean Spray pop in to talk about the origins of canned cranberries.

Do you snack snack snack your little butt off every time you fly? Zosia always packs a carry-on full of food, and insists there must be science behind her airplane hunger. Turns out, there is! We will discuss with Katie Sehl, writer for En Route, Air Canda’s In-Flight magazine.

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Published: Thursday November 03, 2022
Runtime: 00:33:35