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You’ve Been Hacked!!

A major credit reporting agency was hacked this year.  And 143-million people could be impacted.  Now is the time to be pro-active and make sure your aren’t victim to identity theft.

Equifax is giving EVERY Consumer access to FREE identity theft protection and credit file monitoring for ONE YEAR.  But, the fine print says they will start charging at the end of that year.  If you sign up for this service, set a reminder on your calendar to cancel at the end of the 1st year.

Utah’s Governor is also giving help to those who may be affected by this Equifax hack at  And you can contact the FBI if you know you’ve been the victim of Identity Theft through their website

You can also send any questions you have to me via my facebook page, and if I can’t answer it myself, I will find the right expert who can.

Published: Wednesday September 13, 2017
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