Ethan Daniels

Ethan Daniels7:00 p.m. – Midnight Monday-Friday
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Hey it’s me, Ethan Daniels, host of Nights with Ethan/Weekender/and all around “fill-in” guy . I’m living my dream here at FM100. Music has always been in my blood, and while the childhood piano lessons never took hold (thanks for trying, mom!) the magic sounds a needle can pull from a piece of vinyl did.

I’t been years since I dropped the needle on my first record, and even though time has thrown out the turn table in favor of CD’s and MP3 players, my passion for music remains.

Of course, no man can live on music alone, can they? The only thing I’m more passionate about than music is being a great dad of three of the best kids I could ever ask for. When I’m not on the air there is a good chance you can find us together having fun. Living in a place like Utah there are always plenty of things to keep us busy. Whether its tubing in Park City, bike riding in Moab (don’t forget the sunscreen!), or jet-skiing on Bear Lake, we are always having fun, no matter what season it is!

The great thing about working for FM100 is that, not only do I get to play great music for you, but I’m lucky enough to be doing it with a great company like Bonneville and to be around such a talented group of people.