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Telehealth in Utah- Connecting Patients to Urgent Care Online

New technology is not only changing the way we work and communicate, it is also changing ACCESS to healthcare. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum,  Dr. William Daines, Medical Director of Intermountain Healthcare’s Connect Care,  joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to explain how if you have a tablet, computer, or  smart phone connected to the internet,  you can remotely connect to urgent medical care using the device’s built-in camera and a network of health providers. The use of this cutting edge technology is part of a larger strategy to refocus healthcare to become patient-centered while improving the quality of care. for more information, visit intermountainconnectcare.org

Aspire Addiction

Aspire & A Holistic Cure for Addiction in Utah

Aspire Addiction Recovery upholds that chemical dependency is a disorder with neurological, biochemical, psychological, social, and spiritual components. Because of this, Aspire’s Clinical Director Guru Prasad Singh and CEO/Operational Director Craig Wing underscore the importance of treating people with a body-based approach within a 28-day residential program.  In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, the two Directors  join FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to further explain how  holistic treatment is a non-12 step alternative to addiction recovery.  More information is available on at www.aspire.rehab.

Mendability- Sensory Enrichment Therapy

Parents of children with learning disabilities, behavioral and emotional challenges, and diagnosed disorders like Autism and ADD are often looking for treatments and supportive programs that can help their children progress. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Rick Bohne, the CEO of Mendability, joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman and explains how Sensory Enrichment Therapy is an effective tool to help a child’s brain learn, adapt, and form new connections. This scientifically-driven therapy is now available for parents to use with their own children through the telehealth resources of Mendability.  A two-week free trial is available on-line on Mendability.com.

Hunger Hurts Young & Old in Utah

In this special edition of Utah Weekly forum, we explore hunger and the unseen suffering experienced by so many Utahns. Utah Food Bank’s Chief Development Officer, Ginette Bott, joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to identify those who are most vulnerable and to how the community can answer the urgent need to help with donations, volunteer work, and even a super powered 5K race.

New TeleHealth Service Connects Utah Patients and Doctors 24 Hours a Day

The next time you need to see a doctor, you might not need to leave your home. That’s because the camera on your smart phone or computer can now connect you to a health care provider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Dr. Will Daines, Medical Director with Intermountain Connect Care. Dr. Daines explains how with a click of a button patients can now get the care they need through video and audio conferencing with health care providers.

Girls Night Out at American Fork Hospital

Women serve as the Chief Health Officer for the family. So on Thursday, August 18th, 6:00-9:00PM, American Fork Hospital invites women to bring their girlfriends, sisters, and moms to Girls Night Out! In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Nurse Administrator, Terri Hunter, and Communications Manager, Chantelle Turner who explain how this free evening with dinner, health screenings, giveaways, and more than 70 booths can help connect women with health services and resources in the community so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Local Alzeimers Research and Support

Alzeimers is the leading cause of dementia today affecting 30-40 million people around the world.  The disease affects the Central Nervous System triggering symptoms like memory loss and confusion and can be an emotionally charged diagnosis for patients and their loved ones.  In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Aspen Clinical Research Psychiatrist, Dr Jason Andersen, and Nurse Practitioner Intern, Ian Dawe, join FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman explain how to participate in ongoing research and how to get help and support for patients and caregivers at Aspen Clinical Research. 

Sharing Hope When a Baby Dies

Nothing compares to the pain a parent feels when a child dies. The grieving and loss can endure for a lifetime. But, Share Parents of Utah is dedicated to providing on-going support to bereaved families who have been devastated by the tragic death of a baby through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or newborn death. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Share Parents of Utah President Melannie Green joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to explain the power of support in the healing process for heartbroken families. *Interview Correction- 20-25% of pregnancies end in loss, not 1 in 20, as stated.

Improving Healthcare for Seniors

As we age, our health becomes more fragile and our health needs become more complex. In fact, in Utah the average senior visits a doctor over 7 times a year. That is why a new medical network in Utah is focused on providing senior citizens targeted healthcare under the direction of an informed and invested Primary Care Physician. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Chad Bittner, Chief Medical Officer of Optum Medical. Dr. Bittner explains why seniors need specialized care and how a primary care physician can help assure the right patient care decisions are made at the right time.

Passages: Assisting Adults with Autism

In this week’s edition of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman looks at a relatively new program at Utah Valley University called Passages that helps adults with autism transition to independence.  Passages offers courses in many topics from social skills to interpersonal communication and is offered to individuals with autism who are 18 years old and older. UVU Autism Studies Professor Brandon Condie, UVU Autsim Studies Student Kari Bushman, and Passages Student, Serena Hopkin join us in-studio to explain how Passages’s programs support students and non-students with autism and their families as a bridge to a successful future.

Helping Others B in Motion

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Some illnesses or health conditions can severely limit a person’s mobility, making it difficult to live life as independent as possible. That is why the family of Jay Broadbent established the B in Motion foundation in 2008. Jay is the President of Alpine Home Medical and in this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, he joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to talk about how the foundation can provide mobility equipment, like wheelchairs and scooters, to those who are not able to pay for one themselves. The B in Motion foundation is currently accepting application for those in need online through Binmotion.org.

Made in Utah Music Foundation Benefit Concert

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Saturday night, August 29th at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theater in Orem, some of Utah’s best local musicians will take to the stage for a “Night of Eagles Songs”. In this episode of Utah Weekly Form, musicians Isaac Rusell, Erick Michaels, and Kenz Hall join FM100.3 host Rebecca Cressman to talk about their journey as artists performing in small town venues and in front of worldwide audiences of American Idol. Tickets start at $10 and benefit the Made in Utah Music Foundation, founded by Gary Robison, that gives scholarships so local artists can pursue their dreams.

 Utah Woman Recreates Book of Mormon on Stage

Sherry Allred has been writing music for years and dreamed of bringing the stories of The Book of Mormon to the stage. Now she has brought what she hopes will be her first in a series of musicals portraying the testimonies and adventures of  Lehi and his children in Nephi and the Sword of Laban on the Grand Theatre stage with evening and matinee performances. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Sherry Allred joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to talk about the music, the inspiration, and what she believes is the true story of The Book of Mormon despite other Broadway portrayals. Tixs are available here. http://the-grand.org/events/current/swordoflaban

Racing for Breakthroughs in Stage 4 Breast Cancer

In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Komen Utah’s Honorary Race Chair, Mandi Hudson, Survivor Dawn Saak, and Komen’s Pam Stein. Mandi is fighting metastatic breast cancer and has shared her emotional journey with friends, family, and strangers on her blog DarnGoodLemonade. As the Honorary Race Chair she is vocal about the need for more research and attention to target and treat metastatic or stage 4 cancers. In this program, Mandi speaks honestly about how she hopes that in the future there will no one who will have to endure the fear, pain, and challenges of recurring breast cancer. Dawn Saak is a longtime survivor who understands the role that the Race for the Cure plays in supporting survivors at every stage of the battle. Pam Stein oversees Komen Utah’s Development, helping the community understand how the fundraising of Utah’s largest 5K supports research, treatment programs, and survivors across the state.

Heart Disease- Preventive and Emergency Care

Dr. Charles David Eller oversees the Emergency Room at St. Mark’s Hospital and his staff sees patients come through the doors in various stages of cardiovascular health. And, because heart disease is the number one killer of men and women, timing, techniques, and medical treatments are everything to preserve the life and heart health of those patients. St. Mark’s Hospital is a part of the MountainStar Healthcare network of hospitals and throughout the month of February, MountainStar sponsored heart-health messages on-air and offered free heart-risk assessments on-line to educate the community how to prevent and lower the risks of heart-disease. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Dr. Eller joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to discuss how to identify the symptoms of heart disease and what to do when those symptoms appear.

The Irreplaceable Voice of Madilyn Paige

Utah’s Madilyn Paige caught the eye of the world on NBC’s The Voice last year. She was coached by both Usher and Blake Shelton on Season 6. In front of a live audience of millions the Timpview High School 16 year- old did what she loves most: sing. But, Madilyn is not just a talented vocalist. She is a songwriter who has just released her first album. The self-titled EP includes songs that express her struggles and emotional journey as a teenager and the lessons she learned after being thrust onto the world’s stage. “Madilyn Paige” includes a half-dozen songs written and co-written by the Provo songwriter who released her music through Highway Records.

Ballet West- A Community Company Celebrating the Arts in Utah

Ballet West has brought one of the most beloved ballet masterpieces, Swan Lake, back to life at The Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre. With 50 dancers and 48 musicians performing in each show, it is one of the largest ballets the Company produces. It also showcases the stunning, world class dancers that have made Ballet West, one of the most respected dance companies and academies in the nation. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Executive Director, Scott Altman who explains how Ballet West has expanded its’ studios and resources offering even more education and outreach programs to hundreds of thousands of adults and children in Utah while striving to be an artistic leader in the state.

Spirit of the Season at Foothill Village

This holiday season Foothill Village celebrates their 2nd Annual Spirit of the Season Art Contest inviting community members to stroll through the creative art projects of local elementary students and cast their votes for their favorites. Hundreds of young student artists from Bonneville, Dilworth, Emerson, Indian Hills, McGillis, and Uintah Elementary Schools are participating in the contest. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by local school art specialists who explain how incorporating art education in elementary schools helps children gain deeper connections to curriculum and to their community while helping children develop academic, interpersonal, and artistic skills.

Operation Give Needs Help to Bring Relief to Tonga

Operation Give began in 2003 when Paul Holton was stationed in Iraq with the Utah Army National Guard as an Interrogator of Sadam Hussein’s generals. While there he noted the impoverished children and townspeople and started a giving initiative called Joys through Toys where he collected packages of toys, clothing, and basics from the U.S. Holton shared the donated items with other GIs who would help him distribute the gifts, toys, clothing, and other basics as they served. Now eleven years later, besides sending Christmas stockings to the tens of thousands of troops serving around the world, Operation Give has expanded to providing humanitarian aid worldwide. In November, Operation Give will send supplies, food, and clothing and other essentials to the people of Tonga who are still suffering without power or shelter after Ha’apai Cyclone hit its shores earlier this year. Donations are still needed to defray those shipping costs and can be made online through operationgive.org.

Small Business Help in Utah

How do you start your own business? What support, information, and lending resources are available to ensure your success? In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, U.S. Bank Business Vice President Joseph Eyre joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman to explain how new technology, trends, and innovations can help small business owners in Utah start, run, and grow their businesses. For more information and small business resources, visit usbankconnect.com.

Helping Kids at Camp Hobe

Founded in 1985, Camp Hobe is a summer camp for children with cancer and their siblings. This past summer over 250 young campers stepped away from the challenges, isolation, and concerns of cancer to meet others who understand, relate, and can give support while making incredible memories. In this week’s episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Natalie Amdal, whose sister is fighting cancer, and Camp Hobe’s Executive Director Chris Beckwith, as well as Ryan McCammon, a camp volunteer and a Foothill Village board member with Roth Distributing. Foothill Village is hosting a gala to raise funds for Camp Hobe on September 20th. Tickets can be reserved at camphobekids.org.

Summer Hunger-How to Help

One in five children are hungry in Utah. It’s a statistic that is staggering. Yet, a growing number of Utah families are struggling to get enough food. And, it’s not just the unemployed that are unsure where they’ll get their next meal. It’s quite possibly your neighbor. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, Utah Food Bank’s Ginette Bott joins FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman and explains why the summer season is one of the most challenging for Utah’s hungry and how the community can help. For more information on how to give food, time, or money, visitUtahfoodbank.org.

Honor Flight

They are part of the Greatest Generation and, yet, very few of the 9,000 World War II Veterans living in Utah have ever seen the national monuments and memorials built in Washington D.C. to honor their sacrifices. As time goes on, fewer veterans will be able to live long enough to have that opportunity. That is why there is a statewide and nationwide movement to fly each of these men and women as soon as possible on board Honor Flights designed specifically to transport, support, and celebrate these veterans’ roles in history. In this episode of Utah Weekly Forum, FM100.3’s Rebecca Cressman is joined by Utah Honor Flight Chair, Mike Turner, UHF Team member, Candance Backus, and Performance Auto Group Owner Kirk Bentzen to explain how community engagement, private, and corportate donations can make it possible to truly honor these Utah veterans and their fallen comrades.