Doobie Brothers Discuss Upcoming Tour

Doobie Brothers’ Tom Johnston says that the band and tourmates Steely Dan make for a pretty great combination. “Steely Dan sounds as good or better than they ever did,” he tells Billboard. “They’re incredible. I mean, it’s really a shame about Walter (Becker), that’s the sad part, him passing away. But it’s basically all about Donald (Fagen) right now. And he’s got a band assembled with really great players. A couple of gals singing background, horn section, and they nail the stuff. I mean it sounds like a record. It’s just incredible.” “They sound great, they’ve got a great visual show going, but if they didn’t have the visual show, it wouldn’t matter. They’re sounding really good. We played with them last year at Dodgers Stadium, and then in New York at Citi Field.” Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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