Dennis DeYoung Addresses Recent Styx Performance Of ‘Mr. Roboto’

Styx performed their hit track “Mr. Roboto” as part of their encore at the opening show of their summer tour last week. It was the first time the band has performed the track live in 35 years. Former vocalist Dennis DeYoung issued a rather lengthy post on Facebook after he learned of the band’s decision to perform the track. “Vindication, redemption, exoneration … nah, I’ve already seen the current spin cycle. It’s just two guys [Shaw and James ‘JY’ Young] finally admitting the obvious. And, as always, following the money. Can’t imagine how many times the boys were asked the question, ‘Hey, how come you ain’t playing ‘Roboto’?’. But no, this song ruined the band. And so now, 35 years later nearly to the day, June 2, 1983, Tommy quit the band onstage in D.C. because of ‘Kilroy’ and ‘Mr. Roboto’ and now it’s resurrected. Hallelujah,” he posted. “Good for Ro – I wish I knew his secret … secret secret. Perhaps he’ll share it with me and one last reunion tour will happen. By playing this song after all the vitriol, it’s an admission, but of what? Kids, you tell me. I predict that ‘Roboto’ will ultimately become STYX’s most popular song over time. Not because it’s one of our best songs, but because it is what it is. Go figure. I never thought it was a hit record when I wrote it and said so then,” he added. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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