Ariana Grande Docu-Series In The Works

Ariana Grande is currently working on a new docu-series about her recent Dangerous Woman tour. Rumors began circulating that Grande was working on a documentary when she started posting clips from the Dangerous Woman tour back in 2017 and now she has told fans that the project is taking a while because she and her team “are adding stuff.” “Let me surprise u w it but it ain’t a movie issa docuseries ! there are episodes. now pls drop it before i slice off my arms,” she tweeted. “no sis we are still adding to it since u love leaving me with no surprises now will u let us finish in peace pls. the reason why it’s takin so long is bc we are adding stuff. dat is were we are leaving it. no more questions ab da series !” Grande will release her fourth studio album, Sweetener, on August 17. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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