Jimmy Buffett Went Surfing Ahead Of Hurricane Florence

Jimmy Buffett posted a photo of himself with a surf board on Folly Beach this week ahead of the approaching Hurricane Florence. “I ain’t afraid of dying. I got no need to explain. I feel like going surfing in a hurricane,” Buffett wrote on his Instagram post, a quote which was taken from his song titled, “Surfing in a Hurricane.” However, he ended the post on a serious note by asking his fans to be safe. “Respect mother nature, please be safe and listen to your local authorities,” he added. The states of Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland and Georgia are under emergency, as President Trump said that Hurricane Florence is expected to be “one of the biggest” storms “to ever hit the East Coast, one of the biggest to ever hit our country.” Copyright(c) 2018 RTTNews.com. All Rights ReservedLess «

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