A hot dog ice cream sandwich? It’s not bologna

By mbrooks on August 2, 2019
FILE – Actress/singer Kristin Chenoweth works with Oscar Mayer brand to put good moods to good use, as the official Good Mood Ambassador for the Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission charity campaign. Chenoweth announced donation of the 1 million pounds of food to Feeding America at a Flash Mob celebration in Los Angeles and is rallying America to match this donation at GoodMoodMission.com for a total of 2 million pounds of food. Event was held at The Grove on January 19, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images)

By Matthew Brooks

Summer is all about hot dogs and ice cream. Oscar Meyer asks the question, “Why not both?”

Oscar Meyer then answered its own question this week with a ice cream/hot dog combo.

It is called the Ice Dog Sandwich.

What better way to beat the heat than an ice cream sandwich that tastes like a hot dog.

Oscar Meyer announced the summer mix on its Twitter account.

Oscar Meyer did not create an ice cream sandwich that tastes like a hot dog. This bologna maker created an ice cream sandwich that contains bits of hot dogs in it.

If a hot dog-flavored ice cream appeals to you, what would you say to a mustard-flavored ice cream?

French’s is offering a mustard ice cream for a limited time in limited areas.

New York and LA residents are being favored with the flavor of a summer mustard.

If you can’t make it to either coast in time to try this amalgamation, French’s has you covered.

For only a quarter cup of mustard, some common ingredients, and a bit of gastronomical bravery, you too can recreate the recipe.

One reviewer of this mustard ice cream called it creamy, sweet, and a delicious monstrosity.

Another reluctant taster called it “not that bad.”

We all know what is missing from this picnic of odd combinations: Hamburger ice cream!

Ice cream maker Breyers is ready for you.

Breyers wants you to enjoy this ice cream cake that looks like a hamburger in your own home.

The recipe and instructions for the hamburger ice cream is available here.

Bon appetite! Or not.

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