What you need to know before you go on a cruise

By mbrooks on April 2, 2019
Stunning coastal view on one side of the coastline and the Adriatic Sea (GettyImages)
Going on a cruise is described as the most fun way to get somewhere. There will be beautiful ocean views. The entertainment is endless. The destinations are exotic. The all-you-can eat meals will be more than enough for a traveler’s needs. Not all is exciting and new on a cruise, however. Mechanical failures, delays, illnesses, and confusion can scare some people away from going on a cruise. Here is a list of a few things to make sure you do before you on what could be a trip of a lifetime!


Cruise ships are safe. Statistically speaking, traveling by cruise ship is ten times safer than by a commercial airplane. It is much safer to travel by cruise ship than by car. Pools on a cruise ship present the same dangers as a local city pool. According to the Centers of Disease Control, the most frequent outbreaks on a cruise ship relate to respiratory issues and the norovirus. Other common diseases such as the flu and chickenpox can be prevented with a vaccine.

Bring a friend

Any kind of traveling, including by cruise ship, is safer and more enjoyable when shared with another person. If traveling alone is the only option, making a friend soon after boarding the ship is a great idea for sharing the fun of the trip. This also eliminates the concerns of being left alone when walking on the deck at night.

Use the in-room safe

The safe is usually large enough to fit a purse, a laptop, and other valuables. A large amount of cash is unnecessary on a cruise ship. Your ticket effectively covers all of the costs aboard ship.

Know before you go

You will find more interest in your destination if you know more about the places you are going to visit. Knowing the popular attractions, out-of-the-way sights, and local customs will allow you become part of the locale, and not just a visitor to it.

Plan, plan, plan

Every moment you spend on your vacation deciding what you will do is one moment that could have been spent enjoying your vacation. Complete the planning part as much as possible before you go. You wouldn’t want to spend a beautiful sunny day stuck inside looking at guide books. Maximize every minute by moving forward, not planning! Depending on your vacation, you can take care of museum passes and other fees in advance, giving you more time to enjoy yourself and less time standing in line.
Bon voyage!

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