The search continues for the 23-year-old woman who vanished nearly a week ago

By mbrooks on June 23, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY — A University of Utah student returned to Salt Lake City by airplane, she then took a Lyft car to get home, and she hasn’t been seen since.

The student, MacKenzie Lueck, has been missing for nearly a week.

Lueck, 23, flew to California last Saturday to attend her grandmother’s funeral. She arrived back in Salt Lake City early Monday morning. From the Salt Lake International Airport, Lueck reportedly took a Lyft to her home.

Lyft issues a statement

Lyft issued a statement regarding Lueck’s disappearance.

“We recognize how scary this must be for those who know and love Ms. Lueck. The safety of our community is fundamental to Lyft and we are actively assisting law enforcement with their investigation,” the statement reads.

Lyft also states that “the route contained no irregularities and ended at the destination as originally entered by the rider.”

The Lyft driver continued providing rides after Lueck’s ride concluded, Lyft states.

The investigation continues

Police say they are still investigating the Lyft situation to determine whether Lueck actually did get into an official Lyft car.

Det. Michael Ruff with the Salt Lake City Police Department says that the police are seeking to establish communication with Lueck or communication with anyone who may know her whereabouts.

“Whether she’s endangered or not that’s a tough thing to say right now. We are just treating it as we’d like to find her and we are just trying to track down any leads right now,” Det. Ruff says.

Police are trying to determine what happened after she got off of the flight from California.

“We want to try and contact her one way or the other if she’s missing or she isn’t we need to make sure she’s okay,” Ruff says.

The community reaches out

Several friends of Lueck have canvased a Salt Lake neighborhood to help find her. They have been putting up fliers in hopes of locating their missing friend.

It uncharacteristic of Lueck to go missing for several days, or to miss out on work and school, her friends say.

“Just really unlike her to not answer a phone call or a text for four days. For your phone to be off for four days is very alarming,” Ashley Fine, a friend of Lueck, says.

One of her friends, Kennedy Stoner shared her reaction with KSL of Lueck’s disappearance.

“I feel extremely overwhelmed extremely sad and depressed over the matter,” Stoner says.

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