Krispy Kreme is exchanging pumpkin spice products you don’t want for a donut you do want

By mbrooks on September 2, 2019
(Krispy Kreme)

By Matthew Brooks

August is over. The pumpkin-spice-everything has begun. Some of these lightly spiced products work.

Some don’t work. Not even close.

Krispy Kreme understands.

The donut maker feels your pain and wants to make it better. With a donut.

Krispy Kreme is exchanging the pumpkin spice product you don’t want for a pumpkin spice donut. That’s the deal. No additional charge.

The pumpkin spice donut is returning like the ghost of Halloween past.

New this year, for a limited one of this week only, is the stuffed pumpkin spice donut.

Starting on September 2 and ending on September 8, you can get a donut with a cheesecake filling and icing.

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