New “Frozen 2” trailer full of mysteries and gorgeous animation

By Matthew Brooks

The new trailer for “Frozen 2” is saying a lot about the movie without giving away too much, hopefully.

The familiar stars are back. We see a series of flashbacks to the younger days of Elsa and Anna.

The Queen and princess of Arendale are undertaking a mission that takes them away from their kingdom.

Their royal parents return, indicating that events of the past provide crucial clues for the sisters.

Sven, Kristoff, and Olaf also have a major presence in the trailer.

Santino Fontana, who played Prince Hans, is slated to return for the sequel, though he is not seen in the trailer.

The sequel is set three years after the original movie’s events.

Elsa clearly is making more of her powers.

The movie is filled with a gorgeous array not seen in the first movie. Brilliant violet and bright earth tones fill some scenes. The bright colors give way to a dark mist in the later half, representing the mysterious threat that hangs over the kingdom.

The movie is set to hit theaters in two months, on November 22, 2019.

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